Derrick is an award winning sales professional and motivational speaker with a wealth of leadership expertise gained within the retail sales industry. With a career spanning over 25 years, his experience covers roles in sales, operations, coaching and merchandising.

Derrick earned the title of retail motivator because of the way he inspires others to overcome personal barriers and set challenges to achieve their goals. He shows how it’s always possible to think and act positively.

Specializing in new business strategy and visual merchandising, Derrick has a passion for developing excellent customer service with a focus on its positive impact on results. A fervent leader Derrick achieves success through collaborative leadership and supportive strategies that influence others to positively contribute to the success of their teams and the organizations they work within.

At the forefront of the sales industry, he keeps abreast of new developments and solutions that improve performance challenges. Derrick continuously strives to promote the learning and development of others enabling them to achieve their career goals and fulfil their potential.

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